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In my life so far, I have been a daughter, sister, friend, teacher, writer, wife, mother, stepmother, stepdaughter, mother of twins, mother of a child with a chronic health condition, caregiver for my mother, divorced person, and most recently and delightfully, grandmother.  Life coaching is a second career and passion for me.  Earlier passions included raising five daughters and teaching kindergarten for many years.  I learned from my own experience that life coaching is a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation.

I hold a B.A. in psychology and education, and an M.A. in Confluent Education.  I studied coaching at the Institute for Life Coach Training, and am a Board Certified Coach through the Center for Credentialing & Education.

Fresh air for your life...

Life Coach Susan Temple, MA, BCC

Why Life Coaching?

Life tends to offer us a variety of "What's next?" moments. I experienced a big one when my thirty-year marriage ended when I was sixty. Suddenly, the future looked much different than I had expected. It was lonely, confusing and scary.


But divorce isn't the only "What's next?" moment in life. Being widowed, graduating college, last child leaving home, retiring (or considering retirement), a new baby, a scary medical diagnosis, ending a relationship, or even a milestone birthday that leaves you wondering, "Is that all there is?" can cause the same kinds of feelings.

I specialize in working with people who are wondering "What's next?" in their lives.  Together, we take a look at your satisfaction with all areas of your life. I help you prioritize where you want to put your focus, and we design small steps forward. I support you and help you hold yourself accountable as you move in the direction of the life you want. I help you figure out how to navigate over, around or through any roadblocks in your way. You make choices, asking yourself, "What is the next right thing for me to do?"  We work together on a time schedule that fits your life, over the phone or videoconference, so that you have no travel time to consider.


If you find yourself at a "What's next?" moment, I encourage you to contact me today.  I offer a free, no obligation 30-minute phone chat where I can hear what's on your mind and heart, and tell you more about what I can offer you.  Email me today at to schedule.


Finding your answer to "What's next?" can be lonely, confusing and scary. It can also be exciting and full of possibility, and the answer will be uniquely your own. I would be honored to support you on the journey.


Happy Clients

"Susan creates an environment of consistent, positive encouragement to help live a life of freedom.  She has a knack for pointing out limiting fear and expectations in a non-judging, enlightening manner, while acknowledging each person is on their own life journey.  It is a pleasure working with Susan."

Software developer, Eagan, MN


Emotional Freedom Techniques

Do you ever feel stuck in painful feelings?  EFT or "Tapping" is a gentle, effective method for relieving stress and processing difficult feelings.  I teach you how to gently tap on energy points on your body as you talk about something that troubles you.  The tapping helps the stuck energy to move, which helps most people release the emotions and feel better. Contact me at, for more info.

Individual Life Coaching

I am your listener, encourager and co-explorer.  I support you as you define your needs and desires, determine what you want, and create the steps to move forward.  We begin with a 30-minute chat to determine if we would work well together,  Then, we meet by phone for 50-60  minutes each time.  You choose what to explore between sessions.  We work together to breathe fresh air into your life.  Discounted pricing is available if you commit to four sessions.

Classes & Workshops



Group classes and workshops combine life coaching with reflective, experiential learning.  You'll have the support of the group along with my coaching support.  Classes focus on a variety of personal growth topics, and are offered in different venues. 

Upcoming classes are offered through ISD 196 Community Ed.  Go to, and search for my name. Or, contact me at, for more info.


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Life Coach Susan Temple

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