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Why Would You Work With An EFT Practitioner?

People often come to me saying they have been tapping along with videos online, and it’s helped them, but they feel like they want more. They are so right! Online videos can be a helpful introduction to tapping. They can teach you how to tap on your own for simple everyday challenges or annoyances, and any tapping is better than no tapping. Yet, if you have past trauma, ungrieved sorrows, or any bigger issue, you will get farther faster and more safely working with an EFT practitioner. I've experienced this myself.

A few years ago, I went through a series of life challenges in a short period of time. My dad died suddenly, my 30-year marriage ended, my last child left home, I moved (twice), I changed jobs (three times), left my lifelong career of teaching, my stepmom had a major stroke and eventually died, I fell and hurt both shoulders, requiring two rotator cuff surgeries, and two of my adult children experienced serious health challenges. Things happened so fast and so intensely that I could only focus on (and grieve) the biggest thing that was happening in each moment. I worked with a wonderful somatic therapist for over two years, and she helped me sort through the rubble and begin to build a new life. I am eternally grateful for all that I learned from her. But I was still struggling with low moods, being easily triggered, and feeling a lot of emotional pain about a variety of things.

After I became an EFT practitioner, I decided to work with an excellent EFT practitioner to see if I could lessen some of the burden I still carried. I had done EFT on my own with good results, but it felt like I needed a guide to help me sort out what needed attention. In my EFT training, I had learned that EFT allows us to tap into the information and energy stored in our body’s meridians. Trauma expert Bessel van der Kolk says, “The body keeps the score.” EFT helps us release past trauma that is held in the body. I have absolutely found that to be true.

Recently, I was tapping with my EFT practitioner about some feelings related to my business, and up came a well of grief about leaving teaching. I wasn’t even aware that I had those feelings. When I left teaching, I was being practical. I thought of all the reasons why I needed to leave the profession, but I didn’t have time or awareness to give that transition the respect and grief it deserved. Through tapping, I was able to honor my years as a teacher, think about what it meant to me and what I had learned from it, feel the grief in a safe and gentle way, and release it. I feel so much lighter. And I have had the same experience with other issues, as we work through them one by one.

Another cool thing about EFT is that often, various issues are connected in our psyche, and by releasing one or two, others lighten up, too. I say this because those of us who’ve been around the earth awhile might feel like it’s overwhelming to think about trying to release every painful thing that’s ever happened to us! We don’t necessarily need to tap for everything. There are themes or core issues in our lives ("I’m not good enough” is one that a lot of people carry), and the theme is like a tabletop. Specific incidents where you experienced the “not good enough” feeling (a parent criticizing you, being dumped by a boyfriend or girlfriend, struggling with a learning disability) are like the legs of the table. Once you tap for a few of those specific incidents, the whole thing collapses and lightens up. This phenomenon is so common that it has a name in EFT land: the generalization effect. An EFT practitioner can help you with this. Happy tapping!

(Let's pretend this is me, feeling lighter.)

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